1: Why I’m never going to snooze again

Woke up at 1:30 am and I was so damn proud of myself. That was the exact time I planned to get up from bed. I needed time to finish a course I was studying, put some thoughts into writing, and complete a few other things before daybreak. Getting up at 1:30 am would give me at least a five-hour headstart and that was more than I needed.

With my eyes open on the bed, I said a quick prayer and afterwards, started organizing the tasks ahead in my head. I was going to finish by 6 am, hit the gym for another 45 minutes, and start my day. Or so I thought.

In my mind, my eyes were still open, but in reality, they were closed. I had drifted off into a deep slumber and didn’t even realize it. All I noticed was that my thoughts did not seem to end. It just kept moving endlessly. I had even started some of those tasks in my head when in actual fact I was sleeping. A deep and sound sleep.

At about 3:30 am, I snapped back to the land of the living. Gosh, two hours had passed since I last woke up. I was so furious with myself. Out of anger, I sat up and tried to understand how it happened.

“Sleep, you are not nice oo. You knew I needed to get up early, but you just pinned me down and allowed me to wander around your yard for another two hours!” I blurted out. Like sleep was a human that could hear me.

Okay this time around, I vowed not to fall for any more antics. So, I got up and paced around in the room. Left the room and walked around hoping to shake off the drowsiness I felt. When it seemed like I was no longer drowsy, I went back to the room and sat on the bed. Just to spite Mr Sleep and say, “See, you can’t get me this time.”

Then the thoughts came again. This time, I began to imagine how amazing it would be to complete all the tasks I had listed out. I imagined fixing myself a nice breakfast of Ewa Agoyin (beans pudding) and Agege bread. I could almost taste the food in my mouth.

When I thought I had done enough imagining, I opened my eyes. Guess what? I found myself on the bed again. This time, I slept for another 1 hour and 30 minutes.

“No, not again you bloody Mr Sleep. You got me again!”

It was 5 am and I had just 1 more hour to do whatever I could before getting ready for work. Sleep had humbled me and proven to be more powerful. I could almost hear Mr Sleep mocking me, laughing and chanting songs of victory. Another humankind had been conquered.

My vulnerability to the forces of nature had gotten the best of me. Tail between legs, I got up and went straight to my workspace to begin what I planned to do 3 hours and 30 minutes ago.

I am never going to snooze again.



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