The most pleasant surprise ever

2 min readAug 6, 2022


Bade was having a bad day.

Two out of the three prospects he sent proposals had cut him off to go with another agency, and the third one was still indecisive. He desperately needed to close a deal or the week would have been fruitless.

As he made his way home from the office, he was not in the best of moods. He needed something to lift his spirits and make him feel good. On a general note, his business wasn’t doing that badly. Two months prior, he closed a sweet deal and got a cool six figures in profits, the biggest he’d earned since he floated his agency four months ago. That was his biggest client and he was hungry for more.

“Hey babe, I’m on my way home now. Do you need me to get you anything?”

That was his wife. His one and only Anike (meaning, one to be pampered). She had just reassured him that a delicious delicacy was waiting for him — the best news he’d heard all day. If there’s anything he’s grateful for, it’s getting married to Mabel. She brings so much calm, happiness and order to his life.

Just thinking about Mabel got Bade smiling. It was Friday, so he stopped at a supermarket close to the house to get a bottle of wine so they could have a nice meal before deciding on going out or not.

“This food is a nice babe. You no dey miss!”

Mabel’s cooking is always a classic and he always looks forward to it. They made small talk about work as they ate and of course small couples’ gossip.

“Please I need my phone to make a call. Can you grab it for me? I left it on the couch.”

He didn’t feel like getting up because his stomach was full. Finally finding the strength, he left for the bag as directed by his wife. As he reached for the bag, the next thing he saw left him speechless. It was a handwritten note from Mabel. She left it on top of a bag right next to her phone. She knew I’d see it because I’m very observant.

“What trick is this woman playing on me this time?”, he said to himself. The paper was almost blank but it had a very simple message on it. “Open for a surprise,” it said. So Bade did just that. When he opened it, he couldn’t fight back his tears. She got him the sneakers he’d been whining about for months. The exact brand and colour he wanted. Bade rushed to the room and gave her a big hug.

He knew exactly what to do to thank her for making him happy. He got some more wine, played her favourite R’n’B playlist and changed the lights to a dim blue. It was going to be a beautiful night.