If you must show up, be present

It’s funny how little things can render our efforts useless.

Imagine coming out to support a friend for a milestone they just recorded. You get to the event quite alright, but you do nothing else other than that. When it’s time for the key moments of the event, you’re nowhere to be found. You’re just there doing other things other than the primary reason that brought you there.

A young man recently organized a birthday party at a big hangout in Lagos and invited friends to support him and add colour to the day. After they all showed up and it was time to cut the cake, he beckoned his friends to come to the stage and take a picture with him. Out of all the people that attended, only three came on stage to stand with him. The others were busy eating and gisting away. He was pissed and tried to hide his displeasure. It was only after the MC took the address the issue that more people stood up to join him.

We see these things happen all the time. What was the point of their attendance if they weren’t going to participate fully in the event? It doesn’t look right.

We also need to learn how to gift people on their special days. It could be a birthday, anniversary, or promotion at work. Nothing is too small. It’s the effort that matters. If you’ve been wondering why you don’t get gifts for your special occasions, it could be because you’ve not been gifting others yourself.

These things seem inconsequential, but they matter. It shows you value relationships and cares for people. That goes a long way and it will open doors for you too when you need help.



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