If we’re broke, it’s our business

2 min readMar 14, 2022


I have a theory.

It might not make sense to you, but hear me out. You reserve the right to rinse your eyeballs inside methylated spirit if after reading my theory, it doesn’t make sense.

Nothing personal. I just want to share something that has been in my mind to see if anyone else can relate.

After observing and collecting evidence over the last few years, I have come to believe that there is a secret pact between Sapa and the administrators of this country to serve varying doses of discomfort to the entire citizenry.

Think about it for a moment.

Compare what grocery shopping was 5 years ago to what it is now. Some years back, 50k could get you two months worth of groceries. These days, you will come out of the supermarket with two nylon bags.

Going out has become so expensive. Touch one thing and your account goes red almost immediately. Even if you earn a million Naira monthly, you’re not in the safe zone. One tiny slip and Sapa will come for you with speed and alacrity.

Why do I theorize that the government is somehow in on this? Nobody is taking deliberate steps to pull us out of this sinkhole. It’s just vibes and insha allah.

If they can watch us go through all this pain and discomfort while they ball and live in stupendous wealth, then there’s got to be a secret pact nobody knows about. For all I care, Sapa is probably a registered company with an offshore account where all the proceeds from this deal goes to.

Anyways, it’s all a theory I just made up in my head. It probably even doesn’t make any sense to you. Or does it?

Sapa has a way of creeping on people. And if you read this post till this point, you will realize that if we’re broke it’s our business. Nothing consain government.

Nice one Sapa! 👏