If pretend relationships were a service

There is a need a lot of people have. It’s nothing new, but somehow nobody seems to be solving it. I stand to be corrected on that.

Men and women who are of marriable age but either do not have any partner or are not interested in settling down yet often get pressured by parents, friends or loved ones. Their relationship status gets questioned a lot, and sometimes, they might need to put up a show just to avoid trouble.

I’ll give you instances.

Some weeks ago, a lady tweeted a plea for a pretend boyfriend to get her folks off her back. In her specifications, she wanted someone that doesn’t mind even proposing to her and then breaking up later. She would then pretend to be devastated for months and her folks would be the ones consoling her. She believes this would buy her about 20 to 24 months of peace. What a plot!

For this other lady, all she needed was a man that will call her for about two weeks when her mom came around to visit her. She would put his call on speaker from time to time and even speak with her mom a few times.

Imagine there is a service that caters exclusively for this group of people. That’s where PaaS comes in.

PaaS or Partner As A Service is a business model that will offer men and women pretend relationships whenever it is needed. The service, which will be offered via an online platform or app, will allow people to pick their pretend partners based on location, duration, gender, age, height, complexion, size etc. Advisors or specialists will be available to design dramatic scripts for the partners to play out just to make the relationship a lot more believable.

There’s so much that can be added here. It’s a dating platform, but for people looking for make-believe relationships. Why be in a real relationship when you can just Paas it?



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