Growth is not sexy

1 min readAug 16, 2022


If you have ever romanticized growth, this submission might come as a shock to you.

Sorry, but you’ve got it all wrong. Growth is not a walk in the park. Don’t let the glossy pictures on social media fool you to think success can be achieved at the snap of a finger.

It takes real effort. Consistent and purposeful effort. Growth is not comfortable, but it is necessary if you dream of fulfilling your potential. It takes a lot of pain and pressure to grow. No growth pain, no growth gained.

If your days are becoming predictable — same routines, same outcomes — you probably have peaked at your current skill level. That might be an indication that you need to seek more and do more.

Growth is not sexy, don’t let anyone deceive you.

You must put in the work.

Two action points…

Firstly, take stock of your abilities or skill level. Are there areas that are holding you from growing to the next level? What can you do to step up to new levels of opportunity?

Secondly, what areas in your life need attention? What changes do you need to implement to realize new opportunities that are currently beyond your capabilities and reach?

Good luck!