Dear public officer, you are not doing us a favour

Ideally, demanding accountability from public officials shouldn’t be a problem in any society where the rule of law is upheld. Once a person has been elected into office, he or she is there to serve the people and represent their interests.

That’s pretty straightforward enough, right? Where I come from, the direct opposite happens.

Many people enter the political race every year, not because they want to see the nation or the constituent they represent move forward. No, far from it. The goal is to have access to public funds and divert it for personal use.

Corruption has eaten so deep into our moral fabric that it is now fashionable to be corrupt. It is so bad that even the oppressed people are just waiting for the opportunity to do the same thing if elected into office.

Here’s the one that pisses me off the most.

When some of these corrupt officials manage to complete one project, they brazenly put their name all over it as though funds used for execution were drawn from their pockets.

Our leaders need to do better. They need to be more accountable and responsible to the people that put them in power. The baton was not handed to them for oppression but for liberation.



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