Saying things the way they are.

Telling your loved ones you love them.

Praying in the morning.

Giving her breakfast in bed.

Calling friends to see how they’re doing.

Never go on a visit empty-handed.

Telling total strangers how good they look.



You are a champion. Winning is in your DNA and your past records are there to prove it. You’ve done amazing things in the past and will keep doing it because that’s what champions do.

Failure doesn’t define you. We all fall down sometimes, so don’t beat yourself up over it. Get back on your feet and move ahead like the go-getter you are. If you failed last week, go again this week.

You can do better. Take the success of last week as a stepping stone for more incredible things. Push for more, break that record. Make tiny changes till you get the desired result.

Don’t be surprised what good things happen to you. You deserve it.

As a new week begins, expect great things to happen.

Let’s go champ!❤️