4: Live like there is no tomorrow

Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

Did it cross your mind today that you will someday pass away?

Oh, sorry if I just ruined your good mood. It just occurred to me that man people don’t live daily with that consciousness and I thought to bring it up. I’m guilty of this as well, so you’re not the only one.

No matter how difficult life might be, nobody we continue to live with the hope that things will get better. And that hope keeps us going every day. Being alive is a beautiful gift and we all deserve to enjoy it in good health, wealth, and peace of mind.

But if we’re being honest, we know deep down that we are not immortal beings. Even though we don’t like to be reminded about our mortality.

Today, I saw the clip of the motorcade of a Nigerian politician that was ambushed by unknown gunmen. While the politician managed to escape, some of his aides and security details were not so lucky. The video shows their lifeless bodies in different positions, swimming in their own pool of blood.

When I saw that video, I tried to imagine the last thoughts that crossed their minds before they got hit by the bullets that snuffed life out of their bodies. I wonder if it ever crossed the minds of any of the victims that he or she would leave this world today. I wonder if they got the chance to say the last prayer or say goodbye to a loved one.

The point of this post is not to scare you or make you feel gloomy.

All I want is for you to reflect on life, and make daily efforts to put things in order. It is a reminder that death can happen at any place and time. Live every single day to the fullest like there is no tomorrow. If you make it to the next day, repeat the same course of action.

Forgive whoever needs to be forgiven and do whatever needs to be done well. Go wherever you need to go. Seek happiness and fulfilment as you go along.

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