3: Respecting boundaries with women

One would think that in this age and time, understanding boundaries should be a natural instinct. It should be a collective resolve based on years of education and advancement in the rules that govern our societies. Unfortunately, it is not so.

If you think people understand boundaries, you’re not in the wrong. You just probably have had probable cause to believe otherwise. I too held this opinion until very recently.

Lately, I have come to realize that a lot of men still do not respect boundaries with women. We still have men that consider themselves superior beings and women, “weaker beings”. In their minds, women have been reduced to mere objects that are only useful only for satisfying their sexual cravings.

Women cannot walk freely on roads without getting catcalled. At busy markets, you see male vendors pulling the hands and clothes of females, all in the name of looking for customers. You can see the hunger and thirst for a woman’s privates in their eyes. They want the women who approach their stalls to do more than buy their goods. That’s the level of depravity in our society today.

I imagine that there’s a superhero like Batman or IronMan dedicated to saving women in distress. And there would be a secret word for calling him to the rescue, or they could just dial an SOS number if they have time to do so. It would be so amazing.

But that’s just wishful thinking. Men with this mentality just need to renew their minds. They just need to understand that their strength is not for preying on women, but for protecting them. They need to realise that there is much more to a woman than just sex.

The day that happens, the world will be a much safer place for our women.



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